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Potestas et societas. Władza w średniowiecznej Europie

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middle ages ; ducal power ; Central Europe ; Silesia ; Greater Poland ; Polonia Maior ; Serbia ; Cistercians ; Kamenz monastery ; Catalogus abbatum Saganensium ; Chronicles of the Kings and Princes of Poland ; Historia Polonica ; Chronicon Polonie ; Lives of Serbian Kings and Archbishops ; the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja


Disputes and concerns about the shape of modern society and the way its management are reflected in both, the research interests of humanists and social scientists, and social expectations. After years of resentment against the political history within historiography circle of Euro-Atlantic in the last two decades, the role of reflection on manifestations and rules of political behavior - related to the emerging, execution and being subjected to power in the past communities. From this trend of interest arise essays published in this volume of younger generation of historians. Presented articles are focused on events taking place during the 13th and 14th century. Precisely during those centuries Europe there has been a decisive change of the reflection on the theory of power. The theory came closer to the real problems and changes taking place in the world of politics, without losing its universal character. That bringing two closer resulted in a further differentiation of attitudes not only thinkers, but also practitioners who support rulers in the management of their communities, in relation to the sources of power, range of competences and the relationship between the centers and power structures.

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Wiszewski, Przemysław. Red. ; Wojtkowiak, Joanna Red. ; Żerelik, Rościsław. Rec.

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