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International Cooperation among States in the South Pacific Region

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Pacific   Pacific Ocean   international cooperation   regionalisation   region   forms of cooperation


The article aims to illustrate international cooperation among the South Pacific states. The region is getting primacy in geopolitical domination, therefore the 21st century is indeed called the Century of the Pacific. Micronesian, Polynesian and Melanesian island states prefer local mutual help, understanding common values and interests rather than global “interference” into their regional affairs. The least developed and newly-independent international entities benefit from a wide scope of legal and extrajudicial basis in both global and regional cooperation. Furthermore, the process of regionalization in the South Pacific area has its specific features. Uniqueness of this insufficiently explored regional community is the reason why the states decide to act locally and to find potential solutions in their vicinity. Sharing the same history and level of development let the governments combine the common interests into regional organizations or other ad hoc institutions. The South Pacific, with its 16 states, including 5 associated states and over 35 million inhabitants, possesses a huge potential to cooperate and integrate within its region. The whole multitude of international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, are indeed the proof of strong institutionalisation of the idea of the Pacific Rim. Keeping together in one region and speaking in one voice, the small-sized, unheard nations can finally become an equal partner on the international arena. The South Pacific region is no longer an isolated area. This knowledge might help establish and maintain close relations globally.

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