The manuscript catalogue of the former University Library in Wrocław (so called „Göber’s catalogue”)

The catalogue mentioned above was written in the beginning of the 20th century. Willi Göber was the person, who prepared all the descriptions to this catalogue based on the works of Otto Günther, Joseph Klapper and Karl Rother. „Göber’s catalogue” consists of 26 volumes and contains about 3 thousand of manuscript descriptions. There are 4 sections (classes – I, II, II, IV) and 4 formats as well (F - folio, Q - quarto, O - octavo, D - duodecimo) starting with the call number I F 226. The language of this catalogue is German. The descriptions are hand-written, sometimes typescript. At any rate, 2 colours were used there – red – there are quotations taken from the manuscripts and black – there is rest information. Each description in this catalogue consists not only of intellectual content of the manuscript (incipits, explicits, colophons etc.), but also the physical description of the manuscript – it means material (support), extent + dimensions, layout, decoration, binding, condition, additions. History (origin, provenance) and the literature are also included. Big, red letter Z, put next to the call number of the manuscript, means that this manuscript is preserved in the collection of the University Library in Wrocław to the present day. If there is no letter Z, it means that the manuscript was lost probably during World War II. Drawback of this catalogue is lack of indices.

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