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Politicon II. Democracy beyond Consensus. Reading Leszek Koczanowicz “Politics of Dialogue” ; Politicon II. Demokracja poza konsensusem. Wokół „Polityki dialogu” Leszka Koczanowicza

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Politicon II. Democracy beyond Consensus. Reading Leszek Koczanowicz “Politics of Dialogue”


Stambulski, Michał ; Muszyński, Karol ; Jezierska, Justyna ; Cyuńczyk, Filip ; Eckhardt, Piotr ; Zomerski, Wojciech ; Mercescu, Alexandra ; Kocemba, Karolina ; Koczanowicz, Leszek

Subject and Keywords:

rule of law ; constitutionalism ; democracy state of law ; Koczanowicz Leszek


Publication was created as a part of National Science Centre, Poland grant,research project No. UMO-2015/17/B/HS5/00768


We would like to introduce you to thesecond volume of the zine “politicon.rule of law – constitutionalism – democracy”. It is devoted to the book by LeszekKoczanowicz, a Wrocław philosopherof politics, entitled Politics of Dialogue.Koczanowicz analyses the phenomenonof dialogue in the context of democratic society. The author points out thatdiscussions on liberal democracy areexcessively focused on seeking consensus, while for the functioning of moderndemocratic societies understandingis more important than reaching anagreement. Understanding the politicalopponent – the reason why they presentthis and not another position – does notmean agreeing to their demands, but ithas a certain value that unites the community and limits violence. This conceptis imbued with anxiety about the state ofthe contemporary public debate and canbe understood as an attempt to searchfor a new, acceptable minimum for ademocratic struggle for power.

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Centre for Legal Education and Social Theory (CLEST)


Stambulski, Michał. Red. ; Muszyński Karol. Red.

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ISBN 78-83-949423-2-8


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